About Our Transportation and Disposal Services

The team of specialists at Granite Environmental bring a wealth of experience in the proper management of the transportation and disposal of most any waste stream. Management of hazardous & non-hazardous wastes from the pickup at the generator’s facility to the final disposal of the material is managed and accounted for by our team of experienced professionals.

Our team of hands-on specialists will provide you with affordable, timely, and environmentally-friendly transportation and disposal services. Our employees are customer service oriented, ensuring clients are part of the decision-making process and are getting their wants and needs met at every turn.

Granite Environmental Inc

Prior to transporting your materials, our team of specialists work with you to make sure all labeling and marking procedures have been completed and that your hazardous material is packed properly. Some hazardous materials we commonly deal with are:

  • Cylinders
  • Flammables
  • Corrosives
  • Toxics
  • Radioactives

Granite Environmental, Inc. has been providing clients with transportation and disposal services for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials since being founded in 1996. Our team of specialists provide hands-on care from the moment you call us until the final touches of your remediation job are completed. We take great pride in providing our clients with environmentally-friendly solutions, top-notch expertise, and guaranteed compliance.